Introducing TAK Logistics: TAK Values

The process of identifying and defining the core values of TAK Logistics was involved and definitely didn’t happen overnight. We looked at the key people on our team to identify their shared characteristics and traits. Then we looked at ourselves and our shared traits. The end result? See for yourself: 

  • Integrity: Do the right thing, every time, even when no one is looking 
  • Partnership: Do what’s best for all parties, not just yourself 
  • Passion, Hunger & Drive: Love what you do and give It everything you’ve got 
  • Big Picture Thinking: Think Big, think outside the box, think about the long-term effect.   
  • Taking Ownership: Put your stamp on everything you do, both good and bad. Own It. 

Having defined core values has been critical to the development of our team and organization. We hold people accountable to these values. Those who aren’t in alignment ultimately won’t be part of delivering our brand promise to customers. Simply put? We hire, fire and manage based on our core values.  

Finding the right people is important for hiring. Ensuring that the right people are in the right roles is equally important. For this reason, we also use personality profiling to best match people and their behavioural styles to roles within TAK. This helps to ensure that detail-oriented people cover the details and people-oriented people build the relationships.   

Every person on our team has their own unique personality, skill set, likes and dislikes. We have seen huge success with team development by finding the seat at TAK’s table that best uses each team members unique strengths and abilities. Ultimately, our TAKoneons can authentically execute and deliver the TAK standard to our partners and customers.  

But it doesn’t stop there. We invest in our team and encourage their continued growth by routinely bringing in experts to deliver coaching and guidance. We focus on self-awareness and facilitate team-building workshops to ensure we develop and achieve our collective goals. Including the team in both business wins and business challenges allow us to gather their input and involve them in all aspects of our growth.  


We don’t believe that what we are doing is above and beyond what should be done. What we do is what should be the standard for the transportation industry. We believe in authenticity, proactiveness, customer service, integrity and accountability. If these values resonate with you, get in touch!  

Are you ready to take the next step for authentic and proactive drayage and logistics services? Reach out to us today:!