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At TAK, we believe in winning together. That’s why we show our drivers and team members the same respect we show our clients. That means open communication, consistency, integrity and a strong desire to always do the right thing.

We are passionate about building our team and mentoring new members to further our reach and impact on the industry. With structured training and mentor programs in place we ensure that each new addition to the team is set up for success. Our team is energetic and collaborative, and we continually raise the bar to create a higher standard for all.

Our Why:

To enthusiastically serve with heart and soul, to create a higher standard!

We don’t settle for industry standards (the status quo) and we don’t sit back and wait for the hurdles to present themselves. We proactively seek them out and develop solutions before they can slow us down.  We think BIG and we dig DEEP, into why things are the way they are, and we bring a strong evolutionary charge to the industry that drives progression forward. This is a never ending project that we pass down from generation to generation inside the business.

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Class-1 Owner Operator

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Tyler and Doug work hard for me, and I work hard for them. They give good feedback and show they appreciate me… Makes you want to strive to do better.

Ken Vancise | Calgary Owner Operator | TAK Logistics Inc.