Introducing TAK Logistics:  A frontrunner in intermodal transportation 

In 2006, the intermodal  drayage industry was lacking a level of professionalism and service. There was a gap that no company was addressing. There was delayed service and a disruption in the communication flow from shippers to customers.  Bottom line? Something needed to change.

Doug Friesen,  founder and president of TAK Logistics, saw an opportunity. On July 7th2006 TAK Logistics was born with a mission to set the standard for the intermodal  drayage  industry in North America. In partnership with his son and General Manager, Tyler Friesen, TAK Logistics established, developed and scaled our drayage operations.  

Over the past 10 years, TAK Logistics has grown through operational excellence and expansion to new markets. Beginning with warehouse operations in July of 2006, we expanded to drayage operations following shortly after. Throughout the years, we have expanded to Alberta, both in Calgary and Edmonton, and to Washington to include Seattle and Tacoma. Our growth continues! In October 2019, we announced the addition of daily servicefrom BCto Oregon! Check out a timeline of TAK Logistics’ development below:

TAK Logistics History Infographic


Step 1: Identify the need for more  

There was a major gap in the intermodal drayage market.  Owner operators and drivers were frustrated with unsatisfactory service from their existing options.  


Step 2: Address the need  

TAK Logistics focused on what we could do differently. In this case, it was as simple as identifying that the services being offered were far below what we considered ‘the standard’.  By sharing our vision of how things should be for owner operators and drivers, we quickly gained support and development began. Our goal was to bring back professionalism and consistency to the transportation industry, creatingnew standard for our industry. 


Step 3: Add value 

We knew we couldn’t stop there. It wasn’t just the intermodal drayage market that needed improvement; wealso identified issues in freight brokerage. As we were running our warehouse operations in 2006, we were dealing with different carriers and brokers that didn’t communicate. This led to unreliable service and high levels of inefficiency forboth us and for our customers. We knew there had to be another way. The light bulb turned on and we stepped in, taking control of the freight movement to and from our warehouse. Our freight brokerage division has continued to grow from there! 

This is the first in a multi-part blog series about our story. Eager to learn more and don’t want to wait for part two? Connect with us today: info[at]!