North American
LTL Trucking


With TAK’s LTL trucking services, you gain access to LTL capacity throughout North America. We take the lead on communications and monitor your shipment during transit. Having direct relationships with local and international LTL providers we ensure you are always getting the most efficient and cost-effective solution available. We then combine these solutions with our renowned customer service to deliver an exceptional experience every time.

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Count on consistent service and a network of premium carriers in our TAKified carrier partners.

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Intermodal Rail Drayage Services

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TAK has been a valued provider of railway intermodal drayage service for many years.

Its operations team is professional and good natured, its communication is prompt and accurate, and its pricing is fair. Who could ask for more? TAK adds terrific value to the supply chain solutions we offer our customers, and we’re proud to have the company as a partner.

Dino Potee | Account Manager | Mode Transportation