Introducing TAK Logistics:  The TAK Difference

So, why do we do it? 

Imagine that you are a passenger on a plane flying 30,000 feet above the ground. You look down from the plane and you see a Porsche and a VW Bug driving side by side on the freeway, each going 100 miles an hour. Cool! However, this is a long-distance visual that doesn’t really tell the whole story. 

Down on the ground you can hear the reality of the situation. The VW Bug is keeping up, but for how long? Clearly, the VW Bug is struggling to maintain this speed. The engine is racing at high RPM’s, the entire car is shaking, and the sound clearly says, “I’m not going to make it!”   

Meanwhile, the Porsche is purring like a kitten. All of its parts working in unison to easily maintain this speed. The engine is not anywhere close to its limit. In fact, it has more in the tank and is gearing up to accelerate even faster. It was built for this!  

So, what does this all mean?  This analogy can be applied in many different ways, but our purpose is to apply it to what we do at TAK Logistics.   

Knowing that there will be those that will look at us from 30,000 feet, we must always bring attention to the benefits, strengths and extreme value that come with TAK’s fine craftsmanship. We want our clients to see us as the service they can always count on – the Porsche! We want to deliver quality and dependability in our methods, processes and people selection.   

TAK, steadfast, every time!   

How do we do it? 

In short form, we give the customer more than they are expecting. We believe that this should be the standard. We deliver on our promises to our customers through excellent customer service, relevant business offerings, authenticity, consistent reliability and ultimately, our world-class team.  


Customer Service 

There’s something to be said about the ease of doing business. In a time-sensitive industry like this one, you need to be responsive to your customers, whether it’s through live updates or constant communication. We work hard to keep you informed at every step and be accessible when you have questions about your intermodal loads. 

Service Offerings 

The ability to service multiple markets in both Canada and the US has allowed us to continue adding value to our existing customers and attract new ones. We currently serve: 

TAK Logistics Service Offerings

In Canada, our intermodal rail drayage service is present in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. In Vancouver we have service from CP & CN Vancouver terminals to all points in BC, including daily service to Vancouver Island. In Alberta we have service from the CP & CN Calgary and Edmonton terminals to all points in Alberta.  

In the United States we are proud of offer cross-border intermodal rail drayage service from the BN & UP Seattle/Tacoma terminals to all points in BC, including daily service to Vancouver Island. As a recent announcement, we shared that as of October 1st, we are also offering daily intermodal rail drayage service from Vancouver BC Ramps to Portland! 

Authenticity and Reliability 

We are transparent with our customers, partners and team members. We can confidently say that we are authentic and consistent in every aspect of our service offerings. There is a reason our brand promise is “Steadfast, Every Time”.  


At the end of the day, great people are the key to delivering great service. Our team is dedicated to exceeding expectations and ensuring that we always deliver extreme value. We are made up of planners and executors (aka, hard-working office administration and dedicated drivers and dispatchers). Our administration team operates like a well-oiled machine to get paperwork out the door as soon as a service is activated. Our drivers are loyal and dedicated to delivering the TAK standard because they are proud to be on our team.  

We think BIG and we dig DEEP. By always asking why things are the way they are, we have been able to bring a strong evolutionary charge to this industry 

Ready to experience the TAK difference? We can’t wait to partner with you! Connect with us at info[at]!